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And they really are wanderings–I haven’t got an idea in my head about what to write. My mind is buzzing with ideas for my “new” Work-in-Progress, however. I have changed my characters to reflect a more adult form of interaction between them and my protagonist.   I had generated a cast of characters for the YA version, and  there are at least three of them that I really like, but don’t know if they will fit in my new version. Now, I don’t know whether to adjust the story to make a place for them, or whether to put them in the “future possibility” file drawer! In the YA version, they worked, but in the adult story there really isn’t a prominent place for them.

What does one do with wonderful characters? Make a new story for them–or modify them to fit the current story? Or simply modify the story to fit them?

Speaking of stories, I am tickled that I will have two of my writings in the East Texas Writer’s Association Anthology, “‘TIS THE SEASON”, which will be on sale later this year. One is a story that is quite a departure for me–a romance; believe it or not, the story is based, albeit loosely, on an actual happening. The other work is an article that came about as a result of mine and The Husband’s favorite (one of them) activities–fishing.

I did have a Pet Peeve I was going to write about–but I forgot what it was! I wrote it down, now I can’t find where I wrote it. You know, since I carry the telephone and a cell phone around with me from room to room, I wish one of them had a mini-tape recorder attached so I could speak a word or two and record for my memory’s sake!  Please don’t tell me that my cell phone would probably have some way of doing that–I have a hard enough time using it to send a text message!

Okay–new Pet Peeve–growing old!

See?  I said this would be real snake-like wanderings.  And I think this is enough for today.

Keep Calm and Carry On


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Yeay–made a start on the new RAVENWOOD (the Not-the-Young-Adult version.)  It is definitely flowing better already.  I am treating my earlier work as a draft, so quite a few of the scenes are the same, but don’t feel to be as “forced”.  I am trying to keep an element of humor in it.  More about it as the work progresses.

Now, Pet Peeves.  I’m eating in a resturant, the waitperson comes by the table often–too often, to ask “Is everything all right?”  Next time, less than ten minutes later, “Is everything tasting good?”  Another five minutes, “Can I get you anything more?”  Then, “Can I take your plate?” or “More tea?”  Grrrr.  and it seems that every time the WP asks a question, my mouth is full.

I wish restaurants would do as a very good Mexican place in Phoenix used to do–there were little flags on the tables, to be raised if the diner wanted to order something, or ask the waitperson a question.  It worked splendidly.  No interruptions while chewing.

Short blog post today.

Keep Calm and Carry On

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This section will have information on my Work-in-Progress, THE RAVENWOOD PORTAL.  I’ m still trying to get the hang of posting to “Categories”–so please come back–I hope to  have more here very soon.

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