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Another warm, humid, day here, 88F. I like it–anything below 75F is too cold for me. I wish we’d get some more rain, though–I like that, too.

I will be designing greeting cards today. Christmas is on its way, and I try to send my friends and family handmade cards. they’re fun to make, I don’t have go to stores and pick and choose from the racks, and I think my friends appreciate the work that goes into making them.

I am also making little boxes that will hold 6 assorted “note” cards–these will be on sale in a local downtown boutique, SHELLEY MRAZ PHOTOGRAPHY AND BOUTIQUE. If you are reading this and in a position to visit Henderson, please visit Shelley’s boutique. She is a wonderful photographer, and her in her boutique she has paintings, framed vintage photographs–and my cards, on display for sale. All by local artists and creators.

Flowery Congratulations

One of my favorite designs.

I hope this picture comes out recognizeable! Just a sample of my work.

I’m off now, to make some more cards–Peace Out


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My favorite store for scrapbook and card-making supplies (rubber stamps, adhesives, cardstock etc.) which was  located in Longview 35 miles distant, closed last year.  Now I have to go to one of the chain-type craft stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby to find supplies, and most of  the supplies I like are not available at those stores.  This means I will have to get used to ordering things online–which I hate to do, I like to see, feel and compare items before I buy, then I like to walk out the door with my purchases, open them up as soon as I get home and start to work with them.

Anyway, I have discovered a local home-town dealer/demonstrator for Stampin’ Up, and have been able to actually see and handle certain items of cardstock prior to ordering.  My first order should arrive this week sometime, and I’m excited to see if this type of transaction will work for me.

I know–I’ll have to bite the bullet and get used to on-line shopping,  and as I told  The Husband, I suppose it will be like Christmas–waiting for the UPS man to deliver the order, and having the pleasure of unwrapping packages–but, no surprises, ’cause I know what I’ve ordered.  Ah well–fun, anyway.

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