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A quick post today–I have work to do and therapy exercises to push myself through.

It really was a perfect morning; I walked  outside in the back yard with my dogs–our back yard overlooks a field (with seven horses and a foal in it) with a large pond.  The sun was warm, the sky blue, Spring–if not summer as well–scented  the air.  A white Heron stalked the edges of the pond for his breakfast, my nesting Mocking Bird serenaded me from the fence post, and a Dove crooned from a nearby tree branch.  An absolutely picture-and-sound-perfect morning.

I praise the Powers-that-Be for allowing me to witness the morning–and this is all for today.

Keep Calm and carry On



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I am B-a-ack!

Back to reading, I should say.  To explain–I took a couple of paper backs to the hospital with me, to read after the surgery.  Of course, I was too under the influence of pain killers to even think about reading.  As a matter of fact, I can’t remember very much at all about being there–I remember the room number (I was the very first patient in that room–in the newly opened re-build of the East Texas Spine and Joint Hospital) and my first therapy session, and that’s all.  I don’t even remember coming home, I have to keep asking The Husband and daughter what I was like on recovery (“very sedated”, the answer.)

Anyway, I brought the unread books home, and after a week or so read one of them, a book in a series by a favorite author.  I have read all that came before and enjoyed them, but for some reason I didn’t enjoy this one.  I thought perhaps it was due to my “still under the influence of pain killers” brain.  Two weeks later, trying to figure out why I didn’t enjoy it, I realized it was because, being the latest in a particular series, at least half of the story was taken up with “back stories”–boring!

Reading was once again put on the back burner–I still had pain, Hydrocodone, and a dull brain.  However last week I picked up  the second book–and it has  enthralled me.  I haven’t read this author before, and I thought at first that I would not enjoy the book because it is such a departure from the kind of stories I usually read.  More explanation–when I first came to this country (45 years ago) I was hooked on cozy English mysteries (reminded me of home.)  When I had read all the local library’s stock of those, I discovered cozy American mysteries, then not-so-cozy American mysteries.  Among my favorite authors: Sue Grafton, Susan Wittig Albert, and several other female writers.  I progressed from female writers, via Faye Kellerman, to Jonathan Kellerman, on to Robert Crais and more.

The author I have now discovered is Lincoln Child.  The second book that accompanied me to the hospital and home again:  “The Third Gate.”  His vivid descriptions of his surroundings and the people he becomes involved with completely hooked me.  I don’t know how to describe the story–Scientific Paranormal Mystery and Suspense would cover it.  The best thing–it is not one of a series, therefore no need to explain past happenings. Certainly nothing feminine about the story, yet I wouldn’t consider it strictly a “man” book.

In fact, I have borrowed two more of his books from our library, wondering if I might be disappointed–but after the first third of  “Deep Storm” I can’t put the book down.  Still scientific, still a spine-chilling suspense, with paranormal happenings, but totally different to the first of his that I read–and I can’t wait to find out  the reason for the high security, secrecy, and what the mystery is!

Change of subject:  Pronunciation–American versus English:  Why is it I hear (usually from television sports announcers) “WimbleDon” incorrectly pronounced WimbleTon —yet in words like butter the “T” is pronounced as a D???

Keep Calm and Carry On



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Two months ago I had Total Knee Replacement Surgery.  It has been a rough two months, but I can see a sparkle of light at the end of the tunnel.  I am not quite to the point where I can tell people “It was well worth it,” but I can tell it will happen.  I am finally feeling to have more physical and mental energy–it’s taken a while, though.

While I was away from my desktop computer, supposedly depending on my laptop in the bedroom while recuperating, the darn laptop crashed–despite Norton 360 anti virus protection and one other form of protection.  Apparently one, or both, failed me, and the laptop had to be “restored” to factory condition, and I haven’t felt like setting it back  up, at least, until today.  I am not computer literate, so even something as simple as getting things organized on a “new” computer is just about beyond me!  So it is slow going.

While I was recuperating, I happened to hobble out onto our back patio, it looks out across fields at the back of our house; there is a large pond in the field, with one or two straggly trees on it’s shore.  At the top of one of the trees I noticed a large, black, bird, a little too distant to identify with my elderly eyes, so I fished out a pair of old binoculars and–low and behold, the black bird had a white head–and a yellow hooked beak—wonderful, it was a Bald Eagle!  I dragged The Husband outside–he verified that it did seem to be a Bald Eagle.  It was seen several mornings on its perch in the tree-top, and my daughter saw it flying, but it’s been a month or so now without it putting in an appearance.

Another wondrous happening–I noticed the makings of a twiggy nest, at eye level, in a “tree” rose bush.  Even though I did see a Mocking Bird flying to it carrying some dry grass, the nest did not appear to be very susbstantial, or to grow any bigger.  But yesterday  The Husband, who can look down into the nest (whereas I can only peer straight at it) said there were four eggs in the bottom!  I feel so honored to have a Mocking Bird build so close to us–I walk by the nest nearly every day when I go out with our dogs to “pick up” after them.  The birds must trust me–and the dogs–to build so close to the ground (five feet) and human and doggy activity.

This is all for today, I will have more things to blog about tomorrow, so do come back..

Keep Calm and Carry On




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