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Hi folks, it’s been a few days since I contributed a post, but here I am–for a bit anyway.  The year is almost over, and no matter how good yours was, I hope 2013 will be much, much better in every way possible.

Pet Peeves:  A couple come to mind–you know those online forms you complete when you register on a site?  The ones that want your complete “profile”?  Two of my peeves concern these;  I hate having to scroll down to fill in my state in the address field–I mean, I could have typed “Texas” before I reach the bottom of the list of states, it just bugs me.  Another peeve is the fact that one is forced to enter a phone number.  I’ve tried not putting one in–but it won’t accept any of the information until I do.  I even tried putting a fake number in–like on television, you know “555”–etc.  Nope–won’t take that either.  I don’t like giving my phone number to anyone–I do not like getting phone calls, so why give the number out. What does one do if one doesn’t have a phone?

And a third peeve–I do not like to give out my date of birth.  Not that I care about giving up my age, though I used to, but now I’m too old to care.  It is the principle of the thing–my birth date is nobody’s business.  Yes, I know I can fake that date online, but I always have the nagging feeling that I might have won something and can’t claim the prize because I didn’t give the correct date of birth;  “Dear Ms. Beene, we are truly sorry, but we cannot award the million dollar sweepstake prize because the date of birth you used to prove your identity does not agree with the date shown on your registration application.”

What happened to good manners?  I am appalled at the lack of manners among folks who should know better.  I recently attended a birthday party for a child; two of the guests who were sitting among other adults while watching the honoree open presents were apparently bored–they were concentrating on playing games on their cell phones.  I might expect that by a teenager,  (though that is no excuse) but one of them was over 40 years old, not an irresponsible teen.

We had a most unusual (for North East Texas) event on Christmas Day–snow!  It started about 7:30 (after dark, anyway) and actually settled a little.  The day after neighborhood roofs were covered, and the cars parked outside.  On Thursday there were still a couple of small patches left in the shade of tree roots, and the fence bottom. Let’s see, Tuesday. Wednesday, and Thursday–that would be three days, right?  I was told that if any (any at all) snow was left after three days there was sure to be more snow before long.  We’ll see.

All for now–see you in 2013.

Happy New Year

Keep Calm and Carry On





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Monday again

I understand I have friends who are now “following” me.  I’m not sure what “blogtiquette” calls for, but until I find out for sure–I want to thank you for following me.  I don’t know if it is all right for me to name my followers, thank them individually, or if this blanket show of appreciation will suffice.  Thank you–you know who you are.

I was horrified when I looked at the calendar on the wall in front of me as I type, and realized “The Day” will be here in one week.  That means this coming Thursday–which is The Husband’s payday–will have to be my big grocery shopping day.  This year, of course, as I think my followers will know already, I am not doing The Big Meal.  Most of the food will be unpleasantly frozen–but quick to fix, and will by name at least, be Christmassy.  Glazed baked ham, roasted turkey breast, Orange-spiced sweet potatoes–and more.

I’m not going to mention here, the tragic happenings in Connecticut–except to say my thoughts and feelings are with the families and residents of Sandy Hook.  Bless them all.  May the healing begin.

Today’s blog post is brief, but I felt I needed to post something–to keep my followers following!  I promise I will be writing more, and with more interesting content, in the coming twelve months.

Oh, a mention of a new Pet Peeve–Facebook–yes that frustrating site that allows one a peek into the lives of others.  Such a very little peek, though, leaving one wondering what on earth they are talking about!  I’m afraid I’ve got (gotten?  I apologize for my English grammar form) into several disagreements regarding gun control–please note I say “control” not removal.  I know whatever I say is not going to change anybody’s mind–then again, they’re not going to change mine–so there!! (na-na-na-na-nana.)

One more thing before I forget–forty-two years ago today, at this very time (9:20 p.m.), I had just given birth to our one and only daughter;  Happy Birthday, Tracy Amanda!

I’ll be ba-aaa-ck.

Keep Calm and Carry On




Keep Calm and Carry ON


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Glad Monday is nearly over!

I wrote over 500 words last night, to this blog–then my internet connection crashed and I lost them all.   Got it all sorted this morning, and now I’m trying to remember what I said–and I was so proud of what I wrote!

Mostly it was about Christmas and decorations.  I’m not doing any at all this year; for several reasons.  My worn-out knee is giving me aitch-ee-double-ell–I’m waiting for an appointment to have the total knee joint replaced.  It is too painful to walk, never mind consider hanging decorations and decorating a tree.  Very disappointing, because I do like to decorate at this time of year.  But The Husband doesn’t care about decorations, and the family will only be here for a couple of hours on Christmas Day, there are no small children to gaze in awe at what I’ve done, so I’m not going to bother just for my own pleasure.  I will drive around town and view all the neighbors’ outdoor lights, and rub my hands with glee when the day after Christmas arrives–and I don’t have to fuss with putting those shimmery glass balls into their little beds or fight with taking down  a tree and all its lights!

Talking of neighbors and their  outdoor displays–I have to laugh (either with amusement or, more probably disgust), so many displays with twinkling, lighted Nativity scenes right alongside inflated Santas, elves, Grinches and reindeer–very incongruous.  WWJS?  I shudder to think.

I’m seriously thinking of painting a sign to put on the door:  “No twinkling lights, no giant Santas, no faux icicles–just a heartfelt wish to you and yours, for a very happy and thoughtful Christmas.  Peace to all who read this…”

Let those with the energy do all the decorating–I’ll just sit in a nice warm vehicle piloted by The Husband and enjoy the scenes.

Keep Calm and Carry On






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