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Tuesday’s Thoughts

First, my thoughts, prayers and all good wishes go out to anyone at all who has been affected by Horricane Sandy.  May the healing begin.

I read a couple of articles concerning celebrities this morning.  Here is a huge Pet Peeve–why, oh why, is it considered necessary to abbreviate the names of famous people?  It infuriates me to read “JLo”, KStew”, “RPattz”–even baseball players aren’t exempt–“ARod”–Lordy, lordy, nicknames are one thing, but these stupid abbreviations, grrrrr.

If I were a celebrity and my name was reduced like that, I think I’d have to make it legitimate by changing my name to the shortened version.  Even worse are the abbreviated combination of couple’s names–I think Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston were “Branniston” at one time.  Thing is, to those of us who don’t follow celebrity-ville 100% of the time, we don’t know to whom they are referring.  I mean, I think I know who RPattz is, but who is KStew?  And I can’t think of JLo’s name–proper name, that is–if I ever knew it.  Ah, yes–Jennifer Lopez, right?

Something I can’t get used to–and I’m pretty broad-minded (well, to be honest, very broad-minded)–but I read were a certain celebrity (a doubtful one, though) got married, to his girlfriend of a little over 12 months–in attendance was their one-month old daughter!  Sheeesh!  Trouble is, these days, there’s no shame to anything.  When I was in my early teens–yes these things happened, but it was hushed up, the girl was kept out of school until after the birth–she usually attended a different school afterwards (she was too ashamed to return to a school where everybody might know what she’d done.)  There were no baby showers given for her, no congratulatory gifts, no “molly coddling” (I think that’s a particularly English expression)–those “in the know” were not happy for her.

I’m not saying that was necessarily a good thing, but it was not encouraging to other girls to go out and do the same thing.  These days a great fuss is made of the pregnant and unmarried girl, everyone appears to be happy for her–and it is certainly no deterrent to others.

But don’t do anything to shame a youngster, no matter what they do–it might ruin their self esteem!  In fact, don’t shame anyone, young or old.  Trouble is, in my opinion–there’s not enough shame and too much forgiveness–the wrong kind of forgiveness; forgive him because he/she’s  had a bad childhood–a bad experience with drugs–physical abuse, mental abuse, alcoholic parents, single parent, no parent.

Ooops, it’s a long way down off my soapbox.  But now I ‘m down–for now anyway!

It was strange yesterday, listening and watching  the alerts and warnings for the east coast.  they were quite unnerving–I kept listening for the wind and rain here (in East Texas) and being quite surprised to look outside and see calm, sunshine, and blue skies.

My cousin in England has emailed me to remind me to turn our clocks back on the night of the 4th!  They turned theirs back last weekend.  I wasn’t sure when ours went back, but he informed me it was this coming Saturday.  An extra hour in bed, hooray.  But my dogs aren’t going to let me sleep the extra hour–they’re going to want to go potty at 7 a.m., no matter what time our clock says it is!

This is  enough for now–come back and see us…

Keep Calm and Carry On, y’all.


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Shivering on a Sunday

I really am going to have to get a small notebook to keep blogging ideas in–I’ve thought of several things to write about over the last couple of days–now, when I sit down to write, I can’t remember them! Maybe it’s just my age.

I have friends in British Columbia–I emailed Sidney last night after I heard about the 7.7 earthquake that hit up there–I was worried about him. I haven’t had a reply yet–I do hope he and his wife Beverley are all right. And on our east coast–wow, what a fearsome few days those folks are having. May the Force be with all of them.

I remember one thing I was going to b—h about–a Pet Peeve: I design and make greeting cards (as you know if you’ve read any of the archives on here), I use an awful lot of adhesives of one kind or another, in particular double-sided tape. I HATE that stuff–my fingers get in the way, and even with long-ish finger nails, it’s hard to get the backing tape off. But the most recent aggravation–the backing tape on my newest rolls of tape, by virtue of static electricity (I suppose that’s what it is) continues to stick to my fingers and I can’t shake it off! I feel as if I’m in a comedy video–shaking my hands to try to dislodge the bits of thin plastic stuff!–then it comes off one finger, but sticks to another! Grrrr.

We’ve had cooler weather here in the Pineywoods of East Texas–37F (5C) as of 11 p.m. tonight. The neighbors have their fireplace going–smoke billowing from their chimney, and it stinks, I don’t know what they burn on it–food scraps, I think! Mini, our middle Dachshund, does not like the smell and I have a hard time getting her to go outside, she dislikes it so much.
I think this is all I’m going to write for now–do come back, won’t you?

Keep Calm and Carry On…

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Tuesday Thoughts

It’s been a while, but here I am again. Seems all my friends are traveling this year. My New Mexico friend (of fifty years!) is off to Mexico tomorrow; my various English friends are off around the world–one couple are in Boston (US) another couple are in Switzerland, another friend is in Scotland this week, and my cousin Tony and his wife are off to Africa in another week or so. Poor little old me–the furthest I will get is, maybe, thirty miles to the nearest shopping mall!
I’ve been reading some of my friends’ Blogs. They’re quite serious. Me, I try to be humorous, I write this, usually, quite late at night, and I can’t think clearly enough to be serious! Maybe I should write it first thing in the morning–but then I’m not awake enough to be serious! Can’t win for losing.
I am working on another two Blogs–one about my writing, and one about my art. Since this one Blog doesn’t allow me to post on separate pages, as such, I shall just have to use the other Blogs to tell you about my stories and my greeting card designs. As soon as they are up and running, I will post the names here. I’m also working on an actual website, which might–if I ever figure out what I’m doing–take the place of this Blog. Well, no, it won’t do that, but it will be a more formal “story of my life” sort of thing.
I can see, though, that I shall have to carry a small notebook around with me–or a tape recorder–because I think of all kinds of good things to blog about, then forget them when I get here!
Na-No-Wri-Mo is here–or will be at 12:00 hours on October 31/November 1. To those of you who are not familiar with this strange ritual that takes place every November, it is a writing trial (read “trial” as in–well, trial!) Writers pledge to write 50,000 words throughout the month of November. Usually known as simply “Na-No” it stands for “NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth”. I did it (and succeeded in completing the requisite 50,000 words) back in 2009. I won’t do it again for a long time–it was fun, but once is enough–been there, done that, got the Certificate and bragging rites.
However–jolly good luck to all my friends who are entering (for the umpteenth time) again this year. All for now…

Keep Calm and Carry On…

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My cousin, Tony, in England is researching our Family Tree and has discovered for us several Second Cousins, scattered all over, from Australia (hi Eddy), the US (hi David in Massachusetts), and even Dallas (Scotland, not Texas! Hi Denise)–Hi Mike and Millie in Wales!
So now, after all these years, I know I have roots, and where they are, and who shares them with me. A wonderful, belonging sort of feeling that I’ve not had before.

My latest Pet Peeve is–those stupid plastic tags that seal sacks–like potato sacks and bread wrappers. They are hard to get off, even harder to put back on and I get angry and break them off, rendering them useless anyway!

And yet another Pet Peeve–people who tell me that “Age is just a number”–the next person who says that to me will get a sample of just how strong an elderly, arthritic, li’l ole lady in pain can be!  so watch out.  Because it’s only the very young that trot that supposedly encouraging phrase out so glibly.  The only consolation to me is–they will, one day, experience that “just a number”–and then I only wish I could be around when somebody says it to them.

This is all for today–and no matter what age you are, friend–don’t let life get you down, take care…

Keep Calm and Carry On





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