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Can’t help thinking about politics these days–politicians are all over the place, both locally and pushing for candidacy for the big one next year.  I listen to all the promises–they all sound good–in theory; but one needs to really think hard–about past Presidents and what they all promised before they were elected.  Did any of them fulfill their promises exactly as they set them forth?  No–because when they actually got into the position–they were blocked at every corner.

My point is–don’t blame the President–not Obama, not either of  the Bushes,  Clinton, whoever–their ideas and plans before the elections were admirable and what the countryneeded and  wanted; but once they got into power–they were prevented from doing it; voted down by Congress.  So–it doesn’t matter who gets elected, they, like Her Majesty the Queen (my Queen–I’m British!)  are,  from what I can tell, merely figureheads.  They take the blame when things don’t go right, but not the credit when things do (if they ever do) go right.  Just my opinion–not worth fighting about.


I’m trying to add a category called Pet Peeves.  But since I don’t know what I’m doing on here, I’ll just write about some of them–my pet peeves, that is:

Perforated sheets–paper towels, toilet tissue, anything that is supposed to tear along a pre-perforated line.  I hate it when they either don’t tear or tear in places that are NOT                perforated! Makes me so mad!

Vehicles that pull out from a side street right in front of you when there’s nobody behind–then they either putter along slowly, forcing you to slow down–or (even  more mad-making) turn immediately into the very next side street.  I mean, how impatient can you get?  There’s nothing behind me, so why do they need to get out onto the street I’m on right in front of me, forcing me to slow down.  Have a little patience, friend-drivers–you can drop in behind me and then feel free to go at your own pace without affecting me!

This is all for today.  I’m going to try to do a little every other day or so…come back and visit–see ya.




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