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Me, talking…

I’d like to introduce myself–my name is Vivra Patricia Beene, and I create.  I create with words, with paints, pencils, markers, paper–I’m just simply…creative!  Mostly I talk–a lot.  My friends and family have permission to tell me to “For Heaven’s sake, SHUT UP!”  So far they haven’t dared to do that.

As I get used to working this Blog, I will (should) be able to post pictures–of myself, and of the greeting cards I have made.  That will give you an idea of my artistic side.  Since I  do like to talk, though–I write.  Short stories, articles (humorous) and novels for young adults–and a bit of poetry.  I have won awards in all areas of my creativity (except for talking!)  My articles have been published in the Overseas London Daily Telegraph–they are humorous remarks about the differences in British and American Culture.

Oh, yes, I should explain: I am British, or rather…Welsh by birth, English by raising, and Texan by marriage.

And I do have some Peeves, Pet and otherwise, I’d like to talk about sometime.  Possibly telling of a new Pet Peeve each time I post a Blog.  We’ll see.  For now, I just want to get used to doing this thing, and when I do, I will let everybody know “I have a Blog”, and how to get to it.

So–y’all check back once in a while.  there’s more to come.


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